Tax Credits

In today’s society where workforce diversity is of higher value and significance, it makes good business sense for businesses of all sizes and industries to explore all available pool of job applicants in the market. To provide employers an incentive to promote workforce diversity in their hiring efforts, governments at federal and local levels offer tax credits to help private for-profit businesses to reduce tax liability and to save thousands of dollars on income and payroll taxes.

Hire-Ability can help employers be eligible for these tax credits. At Hire-Ability, we will help you identify qualified employees and prepare eligible cases for credit approval. Just one qualified employee from us can help you realize thousands of dollars of tax credits.

You may follow the links below to learn more about the types of hiring tax credits you can be eligible for. Please call any one of our Employment Consultants for more specific information.

  1. SF Enterprise Zone Tax Credit
  2. SF Office of Economic and Workforce Development
  3. EDD Website