Direct Hire Services

In today’s business world, regardless of a company’s size, effective budget management and reliable manpower are keys to a company’s continual success. Our employment service department offers the following services to realize your bottom line.
  1. Budget
    1. Training - We provide an option of on-site job coaching to facilitate your new employee training
    2. Advertising - Just give us a call and you can save hundreds of dollars in recruitment costs
    3. Tax Credits - We make it easy for you to claim over thousands of dollars in hiring tax credits
  2. Manpower
    1. Screening - We provide pre-qualified candidate referral
    2. Diversity - We offers an easy way to diversify your workforce
    3. Retention - We develop strategies to enhance employees’ productivity and reduce turnover costs

Most importantly, the fees for all of these services have already been paid for you.

How is this possible?

The State of California Department of Rehabilitation pays all of the costs of these employment services. We are contracted to provide innovative employment solutions for businesses in San Francisco to hire pre-qualified individuals with disabilities.